The Kora Player

I have loved the sounds of the Kora since the first day that I heard them more than 20 years ago. I was so enchanted by the music and the instrument that I had no choice but to learn how to play it. At times, in the beginning, my desire to learn to play the Kora bordered on obsessive compulsive but I continued in spite of myself.

“Jiridon wo, sodon wo, yeredon de ηogon te. – One may know many things in this life, but a knowledge of self is the most powerful thing a person can possess.”
(Bambara Language West Africa)

I created this site in order to share my journey because I’m sure there are others out there exactly like me.

The sacrifices one must make, the willingness to push through what appears impossible and, finally, not being resistant to change are all sign posts on the road to learning, not only the instrument, but the cultures associated with it as well. I already know that there will be things that I am going to write that give many people joy, but I also know that there are things I intend to put pen to paper which will not please every hear. Considering the journey I’ve been on these past 20 years, I feel entitled (yes I used that word “entitled) to express the truths of the path to becoming a contemporary griot.

Take time to listen to samples of Kora Music click here: Music of the Kora and you can also reach me by clicking here: Contact Me in order to share your own ideas and questions on topics you might want to see discussed.

An bé helen (We are one)

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